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Washing the dishes

Yesterday morning I was getting myself ready for college. get washed. eat breakfast. do my ‘lent’ time.

i finished my breakfast and added the bowl and empty cup to the pile of dishes that had gathered from the night before. where do they all come from?

I looked at the dishes and thought, “i’d like to do them, but I need to spend some time praying”.

As I sat down to pray something nagged at me.

the dishes.

I had fallen back into the thinking that says spending time with God and service are two separate things. In fact, I believe they are the two sides of one coin.

In Paul’s letter to the Romans he states that true worship is the sacrifice of ourselves to God (12:1).

Doing the dishes so that Katie didn’t have to when she got up was worship to God.

So often I forget that. I divide my life up into little boxes and separate everything. That’s not how it was ever meant to be. My relationship with God should influence everything I do. The Jews had no term for ‘spiritual’. They believed their whole life was spiritual. Your thoughts, your actions, your feelings were all intermingled with God.

And that’s how it should be.

That’s why washing the dishes was my time with God yesterday.