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Youth Work Media Resource 2

Over the years I’ve made a number of little short films.

Many of these I have used with youth groups to spark discussions.

And I wanted to make them available for other groups to use.

Included here is an embed to the short film and some basic discussion questions. If you would like a ‘hard’ copy of the films then please message me and I can get one done for you. The cost would be £5 and all funds would go towards making another short.

Short film #2- “Moby

A man’s life is turned upside down when he is mistaken for the musician moby, by an obsessed moby fan.

For me, the film is about identity. Where do we get our self worth from? Who tells us who we are? What we’re meant to think, how we’re meant to act? If someone tells you, you are something enough times, will you start to believe it?

Introductory Activity

Draw a large body on a piece of paper (draw round a young person if someone is happy to do it) give you post-it notes and get the young people to write one thing down they would like to change about themselves and stick it on the person.

Questions for Discussion

1) have you ever believed something that someone said about you that wasn’t true? How did it make you feel?

2) Who influences the TV you watch/ the music you listen to/the clothes you choose to wear? (people/ magazines etc)

3) What are things your parents or friends say that makes you feel good/ bad?

4) Are there things you would like to do but or worried to because of what your friends or family might think of you?

Read Mark 1:9-13 (it might be good to give context to the story)

Just like Jesus, we are loved by God not by how we dress, or what we do. We are loved because of who we are. We are loved because we are children of God.

Creative Response

Set up a mirror and a flipchart or whiteboard next to it. Divide the paper/board into two- a positive column and a negative column, each with a list of words. Print out copies of the positive column. Have a piece of paper with the following instructions:

Take a look at yourself in the mirror.

What do you think of yourself?

Take a look at the Truth (positive) and Lies (negative words) next to the mirror.

Which list do you associate more with?

Do negative views stop you living life to the full?

Take a copy of the positive column and over the coming week, look at these words of truth.