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Youth Work Summit Musings Part 4: Final Thoughts

On Saturday 20th October, I attended the youthwork summit in Manchester: An incredible thought provoking, God soaked, challenging and inspiring day.

Over the next few days, I hope to explore what I thought worked well (as well as what didn’t), what inspired and challenged me, what I disagreed with and what, frankly, bored me.  sadly I couldn’t make the retreat or the other activities on the Friday so my posts will focus solely on the Saturday event.

So let’s dive in.

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So we finally reach the end.

Session 4 brought us a powerful and thought provoking drama from ‘in yer face’ theatre company and then an extended time of worship with the brilliant Rend Collective Experiment. It was freeing and God soaked but then…they advertised their new album right in the middle of it. That put me off a little. Not enough to stop listening to them, but I think it was a mistake. They brought it back though with a final play of “we are the church”. an incredible song.

Then out came Mark Yaconelli to bring everything to a close. I really enjoyed his talk. It was inspiring and uplifting and I want to talk about it a little but let me talk about it first from an objective point of view. Yaconelli’s talk seemed to be a closing of the retreat day, not the summit. Does that make sense? He spoke about slowing down and spiritual disciplines. I couldn’t make it to the Friday but I sensed that this was wrapping up what he talked about then. It was a great talk, but I think it should have ended the Friday, not the Saturday. But that’s a small gripe and didn’t detract from what he had to say. Plus his sermon ended in the best way possible (with a dance) and my heart has swept slightly at the end of every sermon I have listened to since because they didn’t end in the same way.

I could see Jesus getting down with his bad-self at the end of the ‘the sermon on the mount’. Could you?

So, let’s discuss the talk a little.

Yaconelli spoke about the soul and how it knows God in three ways: through wonder, through suffering, and through joy.

We get caught up in the busyness of life and miss our soul shouting out to us “slow down!” Yaconelli told the story of his son’s ‘slow club’ and how one day he joined it after his son invited him.

God invites each of us into this club each day and most of the time we ignore it. Every so often we need to stop and remember we are created to live. it’s an obvious statement but one I know I forget a lot. Recently I had forgotten it all together and had been working completely out my own strength and skills. And I was getting quite burnt out by it all. This was a timely remember to ‘chill the **** out’ and embrace more of life. To spend more time with God and with my family. I won’t always get it right, but I’m trying.

And then Yaconelli danced. Have I already mentioned that he danced?

Final Thoughts

So how do I finish this series of blogs? How do I sum up that incredible, challenging, inspiring, thought provoking day?

I’ve really enjoyed writing these posts as it’s helped me to digest what was said during the day and implement some of it. I hope its been helpful to some of you. If it has, please encourage me. I’m an insecure guy sometimes.

Thanks to everyone who put so much hard work into the event. May you know how much it has blessed me and others (i noticed martin saunders also slipped a ‘rob bell-ism’ during his presenting)

i’m slightly disappointed that i won’t be going to the summit next year as london is too far (and expensive) to travel for one day but look forward to hopefully going in 2013.

Thanks again.

the world does not end because of an increase in knowledge but because of a lack of wonder…” (Mark Yaconelli)