Moving On

For those interested, I apologize for not blogging over the last couple of weeks.

Two weeks ago, I was offered the position of ‘Youth Minister’ at Hutton Grammar School in Preston, England. We, my wife and 3 year old and myself, currently reside in Saltcoats, south-west Scotland so this is going to be a massive move.

The last fourteen days have been spent telling friends, family, the church and the young people I work with that we are going to be moving on in August.

To quite Vinnie Jones, “It’s been emotional”.

There are a number of things that need to get sorted first (getting things organised in Preston and finishing up things in Saltcoats) and I hope to blog about it over the next few months as we make the transition.

One of the big questions I have right now is “what does it mean to finish well?”. In most other work positions, you hand in your notice, do your time and leave. Christian youth work is different. I’ve spent two years building up relationships with the young people I work with and helping them discover the God that is active in their lives. It’s not as simple as saying “goodbye” and walking away.

I believe the role of the christian youth worker is to get the young people to the stage where they do not need you anymore. To train up disciples who will take the work on. That is something I have been trying to do over the last year and will be more focused on over the next two months.

So what do I want things to look like in 3 months? What is the vision for the youth work?

Plenty to get me thinking.

As always, I hope you will join me on this ride.

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