The Divide between our thoughts and actions is a myth

At the Baptist Assembly last year I heard from the front something I’ve heard a lot. Get your heart (ie emotions) in line with your thoughts (belief).

We moved house recently to be closer to the church I work for. We own a house so we wanted to rent that out and move into a rental property close to the church. As the weeks went by, and each prospective tenant came and went, my heart sank. Yes I believed in my head that God could provide but in my heart, it was a different story.

This is what the speaker at the Assembly was on about. Get your heart to match up with your head.

But I don’t think that’s possible. i think that’s a myth.

In his new book, “insurrection”, Peter Rollins says this:

“our outer world [our actions/ heart] is not something that needs to be brought into line with our inner world [our thoughts/beliefs] but is an expression of it“.

What our heart believes is what we truly believe. In other words our actions express what we truly believe. It’s not right to tell someone to get their heart in line with their head. They are not two separate entities. Here’s what Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote:

“the heart in the biblical sense is not the inner life, but the whole man in relation to God”

How we act shows our beliefs. I think this is part of what Paul was saying in the famous love section in his letter to the Corinthians. We can say all the right things and believe what we’re meant to but it means nothing if our actions express something differently.

There have been many heated arguments over the faith based/ works based salvation. I’m starting to believe that they are one in the same. Our works are an expression of our faith so in essence, those works do save us because they project what we believe.

What do your actions tell others about what you truly believe?

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