Why Calvinists should love the Final Destination series!

When ‘The Adjustment Bureau‘ came out, a lot of youth workers I know celebrated as it was a film that they could show to their young people to get them discussing issues of fate, pre-destination and open theism.

For those confused, open theism is the belief that God has not planned our lives out to the tiniest detail and we do have a choice, to a certain extent in how we live.

Final Destination 5 comes out, deals with the same issues, but doesn’t get used as a discussion starter.

Now I understand that FD5 is not as respectable as The Adjustment Bureau and not every youth worker wants to show their young people a glorified slasher pic but I’ll bet, in most cases, that more of your young people will have watched a final destination film than the adjustment bureau. Just saying.

Here is a brief synopsis of part 5.

“Survivors of a suspension-bridge collapse learn there’s no way you can cheat Death.”

The FD films all centre around the same basic premise. A young person has a premonition of a horrible accident where they, their friends and a number of others are going to die. Said premonition comes true but because the young person knows about it, they and some of their friends and the other folks manage to escape their fate. In essence, they have cheated death. Their was a plan for their life and they were meant to die at that point.

But death has not finished with them. They are not meant to be alive. So death comes a-knocking to fix the mistake.

This is classic pre-destination theology. Our lives have been mapped out. There is nothing we can do but walk through the life that God has given us. Everything happens according to the will of God. Nothing happens that has not been determined by God.

I don’t follow that theology. But regardless of your view point, or my viewpoint, this film can be used as a discussion starter.

In the Adjustment Bureau, Matt Damon‘s character breaks out of the plan that was set for his life and a group of men in hats seek to put things right and get him back on track. Both films deal with the same issues but arrive at different conclusions. It has to be said that FD5 is a little bloodier. No surprise there.

So, regardless of what film you use, here are some questions to get your youth group talking about it.

1) Do you believe in ‘fate’ or in the idea that nothing happens in this world without God willing it?

2) Are their verses or stories in the bible that can back up your view?

3) Do you think you can live outside of God’s will? Or are our lives planned out exactly how God wants them to be?

4) Do either of these views change how you live your life?


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