Facebook Discipleship Research

I have been asked to do a guest lecture for a Youth Work Honours Degree course on ‘Discipleship and Facebook‘.

As I begin to research this, I want to throw out some questions that I would appreciate your comments on.

What are the positives in using facebook as a discipleship tool?

What are the negatives in using facebook as a discipleship tool?

What are the key differences between face-to-face discipleship and online discipleship?

What are the key issues with young people and facebook? (positive or negative)

Does your church/ organisation have a child protection policy when it comes to interacting with young people online?

I would appreciate your comments on any of the questions


2 responses

  1. Irrespective of a persons religious or faith beliefs Facebook can offer a superb mentoring tool to support the young people you are working. It can help strengthen the ambient relationship with young people in between youth work sessions. Enables the young people who are not comfortable to ask in public settings ‘sensitive’ or challenging questions. The youth practitioner can send messages and sign post to relevant websites, music tracks or digital images to help offer advice, support or information.

    There needs to be CLEAR contracted boundaries between the organization and youth practitioner(s) for how, when and who can use social media platforms to engage with young people. Review the context and issues of the young people you and your organization are engaging and supporting. Drop me an email and I can send you a email with a copy of risk assessment and various protocols.

    Questions to consider
    What is the purpose on using the social media platforms ?
    How you going to contract informed consent?
    Have young people been invited to involved in the planning and development of the social media initiative?
    What are their expectations?

  2. i hope my post doesn’t completely miss the point but one of the things I find myself doing is constantly having to pastor young people through mess made on facebook. In fact we’ve been thinking of doing a series on it. obviously we can’t heavy hand what they do and how to use it, but we can give good wisdom. A friend of mine once said she’s not surprised there’s so much ‘bitchiness’ on it as it was born it appears out of an argument! But we can’t speculate. What I find is that particularly for girls facebook can plague their jealousies, insecurities and paranoia, we have to teach them to come from a place of security in God and use it wisely. also, and i guess this is down to conscience, we’ve asked them not to use the term ‘frape’ at least in youth group context but it turns out that now they don’t hijack each others accounts so much and they are becoming a little more wise in what they do on facbook. Finally we would talk to them about grace, that this is all just wisdom that they can choose to take or leave.. We talk about mistakes being made and that God can redeem them, and that we won’t scan their accounts and judge them and that they can have grace for those who make mistakes towards them too

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