Full Circle

“God’s long funeral is over, and we are back where we started. Two thousand years of history have melted into back story, which nobody reads anymore. We have returned to Year Zero”.

The intro to Ferdinand Mount’s new book, ‘full circle’ where he claims the world we find ourselves in, this (post) postmodernity, bears a striking resemblance to the classical world of the Romans and the Greeks. He suggests that our attitudes to sex, food, religion are paralleled with the Roman world.

Our thinking hasn’t so much evolved as “revolved” (to quote alan partridge).

For the past year I have been reading books about Jesus and the Empire of Rome. Books that sought to help us understand Jesus’ and Pauls’ gospel message in the shadow of the empire. Titles such as colossians remixed and Jesus and Empire. So it intrigued me greatly when I heard about Mount’s book.

Have we truly gone full circle? What will this mean for how we read the gospels and the New testament letters? Will it make it easier to read and understand? What will it mean for us Christians as we seek to live out the gospel under the shadow of the postmodern empire?

I have only just finished the introduction so I will share some more thoughts as I work my way through the book.


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