A New Way of looking at Christianity

Heard this today and had to share it: (paraphrased)

“The word Christianity does not appear in the bible. The word christian, occurs three times. The word disciple occurs 263 times. So the central driving force of the bible is not necessarily a religion or a complicated system that needs to be defended or argued for. What you find, most often is simply… ‘disciple’. Someone who is a follower, an apprentice, a student of Jesus. A learner. if you are any of these things your fundamental posture is humility, ‘I’m learning. I’m growing.’ Expectation. ‘I am assume there are a whole bunch of things I don’t know and so I’ll be learning them. And some things that I thought were true and have hung on to, I may need to let go.’ An expectation that you’ll always be encountering new things.

Are we still in that frame of mind or do we (arrogantly) think we know it all now?


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  1. Great thought Steven. Thanks for sharing.

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