Even Our Holiday Photos Can be Doctored…

I read this article in The Sunday Times today.

Photoshops are now offering a ‘retouch’ service where they can ‘fix’ your holiday photos to make you look thinner, have bigger breasts, rub out spots etc.

Have we become so focused on our looks that we need to alter our perception of the past by doctoring how we look in our photos? We can make up our own ‘truth’ of what we looked like. Where we went on holiday. What the weather was like. Where will it end? Is that what photos are for?

I know some will say this is harmless and it’s cheaper than getting surgery but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I think about it.

As a youth worker it is definitely something I want to discuss with the young people I work with and again show them the alternative ‘truth’ that God offers.


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