He is not here

In three of the four accounts of the Resurrection, the angels say to the women at the tomb, “he is not here”.

You would have expected a dead man to be in his tomb. But he wasn’t. He wasn’t there. 

Jesus was never where people expected him to be.

Rather than spend all his time with the religious leaders, he spend it with the outcasts, the forgotten, the oppressed.

Rather than in the synagogues and temples, he was mainly found in the streets.

And even in death, he is not where he should be.

Here is the one who never ceases to amaze. who is always in the last place you would expect to find him.

I think that’s still the same today.

You may find him in church (the building)  but you will also find him in the pubs, the shops, the shelters, the hospitals, the parks. Anywhere you don’t expect to find him.

This Easter Sunday, go find him in those places.


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