Spiritual Quotes to Ponder

Been doing some reading and reflecting. Wanted to share some of the quotes I’ve found exciting and challenging.

“All Christian doctrine arises from Christian experience”

What does that mean for our theology?

Should theology be a series of intellectual systems of theological speculation?

Or should our theology arise from our own experience? Does this give permission for our theology to change, grow and develop?


“Todays orthodoxy was yesterday’s heresy”

That gives me a lot of hope.

” we have developed a theology and ecclesiology that controls and constrains rather than liberates the church to become what she could be. “

“We have reduced the revelation of Jesus to an ethical code or to a notion of what is true, where discipleship is seen as no more than assent to a set of propositions. This is no more truer when we think of church. This living hope for humanity, has been reduced to a set of propositions, with articles of faith about who is in and who is out. ”


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