Time for a Story

After many years of hard work an inventor discovered the art of making fire, so he took his tools to the snow clad northern mountains, and initiated the local tribe into the art and advantages of making fire. The locals became absorbed in this new thing, so much so that it did not occur to them to thank the inventor. The inventor was one of those rare human beings who didn’t need to be revered, such was his greatness, all the inventor sought was the satisfaction of knowing that someone had benefited from his discovery.

The next tribe he went to was just as eager to learn, but the local priests were jealous of the strangers hold on the people so had the inventor assassinated. To cover up their crime they had a portrait painted of the inventor, and set it on the main alter of the temple, they even wrote a liturgy so his name would be revered and remembered, they enshrined the fire making tools in casket and it was said that they healing to all who laid hands on them with faith.

The priests came together and compiled a book on the life of the inventor, this holy book told of the inventors loving kindness and it was offered as an example for others to emulate, and his deeds were so eulogized and his superhuman nature made an article of faith. The priests ensured it was handed down the generations, and the liturgy was kept, they ruthlessly punished people who questioned or deviated from the doctrines. Caught up as they were in these religious tasks the people completely forgot the art of making fire.


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