I’ve never bothered with lent.  Never saw the point of it. I guess I focused too much on the legalistic side of ‘giving something up’. Most of the people I knew who took part chose to cut out food of some kind (and that was really just an excuse to go on a diet without saying, “i’m going on a diet”.

But you know what, I’m starting to change my mind. I’m seeing the possibilities of it. A time of re-dedication. Re-focus.

So every morning, I’m going to get up and spend some time with God. I don’t know what that will look like or what will be involved, but I’m going to do it.

And each night, I’ll try and blog about it. Let you know what went on. What I thought about. Hopefully it will inspire me. Maybe it will inspire you…

Maybe, that’s the point of Lent.


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