ManHunt 2 and a question of censorship

I got my new macbook pro today. Yeah! Whilst I waited for it to move all my settings from my mac pro and install leopard, I had a gander at the entertainment news and spotted the story below.The BBC reported today that the BBFC have won the right to fight the UK release of the videogame Manhunt 2.

You may already know that the BBFC banned the game outright in June. Rockstar, the makers of the game, won an appeal earlier this month stating that the contents were ‘within the bounds established by other 18+ rated entertainment’.

Rockstar had hoped to have the film out by Christmas but now will have to wait until after the court proceedings on or before January 31st 2008 (that’s if it gets released)Is it right to censor? The prosecution states that even though the game would be rated 18 it would still get into the hands of minors.Surely that’s an issue that should be taken with the parents and retailers.

My mum let me watch my first horror film when I was 5. Freddy Kruegar (Nightmare on Elm Street) was my childhood hero when I was six. I do not agree that it probably wasn’t the best thing for me as I became in some way, addicted to these types of violent horror movies. But did I become a serial killer?

The issue is too big for my little blog but I wanted to write my thoughts down. I believe censorship, in any situation, is wrong. That has consequences sure but where then would you draw the line? The Chinese government sensor news. We would all agree that is wrong but why should a group of people tell us what is right and what is wrong?

Isn’t that why God gave us freewill?

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